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introduction to gcc – global climate change

MOST OF THE ARTICLES HERE on the GCC – Global Climate Change blog are portals to other articles. I am certainly not an expert in any field that even remotely touches on the various sciences that address climate. Readers will find enough material from each article to serve as a teaser and introduction to the original article on another website. [Continue reading]

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a little personal background information

WHEN REQUIRED TO POST A PROFILE on the internet, I usually write, “Mystical liberal likes long walks alone at night in the dark in the city in the rain with an umbrella and a flask of 10-year-old Laphroaig.” While this bit of irony works for some readers, others want a little more in terms of personal background information. [Continue reading]

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russia could dominate a warming world after the big thaw

THE INABILITY OF RUSSIAN FARMERS to provide enough food for the people was a problem under both the Czars and the Soviets and remains a problem today. But the big thaw that global climate change is causing may be “propelling enormous human migrations as it transforms global agriculture and remakes the world order and no country stands to gain more than Russia.” [Continue reading]

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wildfire clouds can spew as many aerosols into the atmosphere as a volcanic eruption

MASSIVE WILDFIRE CLOUDS can be as dangerous as volcanic eruptions in some respects. As wildfires become more common, these clouds are becoming a greater hazard. This is addressed in the article “Towering fire-fueled thunderclouds can spew as many aerosols as volcanic eruptions,” which“As warming worsens wildfires, it may create conditions ripe for stronger pyrocumulonimbus clouds.”  [Continue reading]

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alaska’s melting glaciers could lead to major disturbances in climate

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shell oil versus octavia-cortez and thunberg

GLOBAL CONGLOMERATE SHELL OIL (aka Shell Global and Royal Dutch Shell PLC), one of the giants in the fossil-fuel industry, had what was intended as a publicity move turned on them from various sources. This included tweets from two prominent names in the green energy movement.

An article titled “Shell’s climate poll on Twitter backfires spectacularly” on The Guardian website opened with these lines:

“A climate poll on Twitter posted by Shell has backfired spectacularly, with the oil company accused of gaslighting the public. [Continue reading]

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using sound waves from underwater earthquakes to monitor warming oceans

OUR OCEANS REMAIN MYSTERIOUS AND ALIEN but we are learning more about it every day—sometimes, out of necessity. Such as the need to understand changes in the temperatures of the waters as a potential reflection of global climate change. In an article titled “Underwater earthquakes’ sound waves reveal changes in ocean warming” by for Science News (September 17, 2020). [Continue reading]