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even AOC can’t blame this one on the cow farts

WHAT DOES ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ have to do with cow farts or methane? Well, I wanted a humorous title to catch the reader’s attention—especially given the seriousness of the—and the word “farts” catches a lot of folk’s attention. As for AOC, you will have to wait until the postscript below to find out how she is associated with bovine flatulence. [Continue reading]

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“doomsday glacier” could make millions of Americans homeless

THIS IS THE SECOND OF TWO ARTICLES addressing the Thwaites glacier in West Antarctica. It is based on the article “Really, Really Bad: Scientists Raise Alarm Over Warm Ocean Water Beneath Doomsday Glacier in Antarctica” by Julia Conley for the Common Dreams website. The sub-headline for this piece reads, “Warm waters in this part of the world, as remote as they may seem, should serve as a warning to all of us about the potential dire changes to the planet brought about by climate change.” [Continue reading]

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one melting glacier could mean an eleven foot rise in sea level

THIS ARTICLES ON THE THWAITES GLACIER in West Antarctica is based on the article “If Thwaites Glacier collapses, it would change global coastlines forever” by Carolyn Beeler for The World website. The sub-headline for this piece reads, “Scientists fear the collapse of Thwaites Glacier could one day destabilize surrounding glaciers and eventually trigger up to 11 feet of global sea-level rise.”

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is India becoming the land of bachelors?

DROUGHT IN INDIA is changing the way marriages are arranged: Men seeking wives are paying large fees to traffickers while wives seeking husbands are being made promises and getting duped into marriages. According to the article “No Water, No Wife: How Climate Change is Linked to Trafficking” (Freedom United, August 5, 2019), wells and other sources of water have dried up, forcing people to walk miles for water in India. [Continue reading]