ArcticIce graph 1500 crop blank

this season’s arctic sea ice ain’t forming

NORMALLY, THE ICE IN THE ARCTIC grows in the cold of the winter months and shrinks in the warmth of the rest of the year. But that ain’t hap­pening in the winter of 2020-2021. The ar­ticle “This Year’s Arctic Sea Ice Is Failing to Form, Raising a Huge Red Flag” tells us that the ice still hasn’t re­frozen since last winter. [Continue reading]

GCC ArcticsOldestIce 1500 crop

oldest arctic ice melting faster than the rest of the icecap

HOW MANY TIMES ARE WE GOING TO READ that cli­mate change is hap­pening “faster” than ex­pected be­fore we change our expectations—or, at least, our de­f­i­n­i­tion of fast? “Stretches of the Arctic’s oldest ice, and its thickest—the last refuge ice that should sur­vive even when the Arctic Ocean tech­ni­cally be­comes ice-free in sum­mers later this century—are now dis­ap­pearing twice as fast as the rest of the Arctic icecap. [Continue reading]

Iceberg BloodDimmed 1500

by 2100, earth passed the safe threshold of warming mark

A LIKELY DOOMSDAY SCENARIO is pre­sented by Emily Atkin in the ar­ticle “The Blood-Dimmed Tide” for the New Re­public (Sep­tember 16, 2019). “It’s the year 2100. Many of the world’s major powers have spent the last sev­eral decades fo­cusing on them­selves. Bor­ders have closed. In­ter­na­tional in­vest­ments in ed­u­ca­tion and tech­nology have de­clined. [Continue reading]