climate change and bad luck gave us extreme weather of august 2020

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MOST OF US NEVER HEARD OF “DRY LIGHTNING” until re­cently. It is cloud-to-ground light­ning without any nearby rain­fall. A dry light­ning storm over Mitchell’s Cove in Santa Cruz, Cal­i­fornia, caused more than 10,000 bursts of light­ning be­tween Au­gust 15 and Au­gust 19, 2020, which in turn set off dev­as­tating wild­fires across Cal­i­fornia. Ac­cording to cli­mate sci­en­tist Daniel Swain, of the In­sti­tute of the En­vi­ron­ment and Sus­tain­ability at UCLA, that is ‘an un­be­liev­able number to say out loud, even in the last few years.”


climate activists took the irish government to court and won!


IRELAND GETS A WAKE-UP CALL! Ac­cording to the ar­ticle “This Land­mark Cli­mate Case in Ire­land Might Be ‘Huge’ for the Rest of Eu­rope Too” by James Hutchings-Holes for Global Cit­izen (Au­gust 4, 2020), “Cli­mate ac­tivists took on the gov­ern­ment and won!” It be­gins:

“On July 31, the Irish Supreme Court ruled that Ireland’s cli­mate plans just weren’t good enough as judged by the country’s very own stan­dards. READ MORE

2018 another year of record temperatures around the world

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THE GREENHOUSE GAS BULLETIN from the World Me­te­o­ro­log­ical Or­ga­ni­za­tion (WMO) pro­vided fig­ures for glob­ally av­er­aged con­cen­tra­tions of three key climate-heating gases in 2018: ni­trous oxide (N2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), and methane (CH4). The pres­ence of these three gases in our at­mos­phere have in­creased by 123%, 147%, and 259% of pre-industrial levels (levels prior to 1750). READ MORE

holy hannah! is greta thunberg a time-traveler from the future?

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THE TITLE OF THE ARTICLE is “Is Greta Thun­berg a Time Trav­eler Here to Save Us From Cli­mate Emer­gency? 120-Year-Old Photo Sparks Flood of Con­spiracy The­o­ries” by the Common Dreams staff (November 21, 2019). Well, there seems to be a con­spiracy theory for just about every­thing, so why not Miss Thun­berg as a vis­itor from the fu­ture! Here are the first para­graphs from the ar­ticle:

“Is 16-year-old Swedish ac­tivist Greta Thun­berg a time trav­eler here to save us from the global cli­mate emer­gency? READ MORE

climate change and the influence of the nuclear industry

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AS SEA LEVELS RISE, a flawed un­der­standing of cli­mate sci­ence and the out­size in­flu­ence that the U.S. nu­clear in­dustry ex­erts on the NRC have con­verged, in­creasing the risk of dis­as­trous flood-induced ac­ci­dents at coastal nu­clear power plants around the United States.
 Turkey Point Nu­clear Gen­er­ating Sta­tion lies 25 miles south of down­town Miami. It houses two of America’s oldest op­er­ating com­mer­cial nu­clear re­ac­tors. READ MORE

cooler regions becoming more hospitable for mosquitoes

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WHEN MOSQUITO SEASON brought past dengue out­breaks to re­gions across the Asian tropics, Nepal hardly had to worry. The high-altitude Hi­malayan country was typ­i­cally too chilly for the disease-carrying in­sects to live. But with cli­mate change opening new paths for the viral dis­ease, Nepal is now reeling from an un­prece­dented out­break. At least 9,000 people have been di­ag­nosed with dengue since Au­gust. READ MORE

can’t you simply enjoy the fall colors? (editorial cartoons)

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RATHER THAN STICK ALL THE CARTOONS in this one ar­ticle, I moved all but the fea­tured car­toon by Pat Byrnes (for The New Yorker on Sep­tember 30, 2019) to other posts on this blog! Yeah, I know: It’s a sneaky way for me to get those of you hooked on cli­mate change car­toons to pe­ruse the other ar­ti­cles.

So, go pe­ruse …

NewYorker cartoon LayOffTheClimateChange

“Can’t you lay off the cli­mate change for one minute and simply enjoy the fall colors?” READ MORE

greta thunberg and the school strike for the climate

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CLIMATE ACTIVIST GRETA THUNBERG re­cently joined Naomi Klein for a con­ver­sa­tion on the cli­mate emer­gency. Klein is a well-published au­thor, se­nior cor­re­spon­dent at The In­ter­cept, and the in­au­gural Gloria Steinem en­dowed chair of media, cul­ture, and fem­i­nist studies at Rut­gers Uni­ver­sity. Thun­berg hasn’t grad­u­ated from high school yet she is cred­ited with raising global aware­ness of the risks posed by global warming and cli­mate change and politi­cians to task for their lack of ac­tion on the cli­mate crisis. READ MORE