a banana farm whose main business is producing biodiversity

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RIO SIXAOLA IS A BANANA FARM in Costa Rica one of the first two Rain­forest Al­liance Cer­ti­fied farms in the world. It con­tains the only in­tact man­grove swamp on the At­lantic coast, and La Amistad In­ter­na­tional Park, a World Her­itage site that pro­tects the largest area of undis­turbed high­land wa­ter­sheds and forests in southern Cen­tral America. [Continue reading]

cooler regions becoming more hospitable for mosquitoes

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WHEN MOSQUITO SEASON brought past dengue out­breaks to re­gions across the Asian tropics, Nepal hardly had to worry. The high-altitude Hi­malayan country was typ­i­cally too chilly for the disease-carrying in­sects to live. But with cli­mate change opening new paths for the viral dis­ease, Nepal is now reeling from an un­prece­dented out­break. [Continue reading]