pink snow observed on presena glacier in italy

Italy Glacier PinkSnow 1500

MOST OF US HAVE SEEN BLUE ICE but what about pink ice? The head­line of the ar­ticle that at­tracted spurred me on to write this ar­ticle is “Algae turns Italian Alps pink, prompting con­cerns over melting.” It ap­pears on The Guardian web­site and was con­tributed by Agence France-Press (July 5, 2020). It’s fol­lowed by this sub-headline: “Pink snow ob­served on parts of the Pre­sena glacier be­lieved to be caused by plant that makes the ice darker, causing it to melt faster.” READ MORE

where there was once ice, there is now rock

GCC MountBlanc glacier 1500 crop

YOU BROKE OUR GLACIER! That’s a damn clever teaser to get someone surfing the in­ternet to stop a mo­ment and check out the web­site. The ar­ti­cle’s full title is “You broke our glacier: the Mont Blanc re­sort on the cli­mate front­line” by An­gela Giuf­frida for The Guardian (Sep­tember 28, 2019). The sub­title is “Re­ports that a mass of ice is in danger of breaking away have spurred res­i­dents of nearby Cour­mayeur to de­mand ac­tion.” READ MORE