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The car­i­ca­ture of Clint East­wood as “Dirty Harry” Callahan is by Art for Fine Art America.


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a few must-read books about global climate change

THE CLIMATE REALITY PROJECT has a list of “Five Must-Read Books About the Cli­mate Crisis” (Oc­tober 29, 2019). Ac­cording to the blurb on their web­site, “It’s the per­fect time of year to curl up with a great new book, so be sure to add these cli­mate must-reads to your list.

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find bleeding heart liberal petitions on facebook

I HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE ti­tled Bleeding Heart Lib­eral Pe­ti­tions. Most days, I re­ceive a slew of emails with pe­ti­tions for var­ious causes such as saving an en­dan­gered species, urging my rep­re­sen­ta­tives in state and fed­eral gov­ern­ment to vote for or against a par­tic­ular bill, protest an in­jus­tice, etc. [Continue reading]

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more research on seeding oceans and space mirrors is needed

GEOENGINEERING IDEAS have been around for decades. Few such ideas have pro­gressed past the thought ex­per­i­ment stage, due in part to con­cerns that the cure could be worse than the dis­ease. But as dire warn­ings about cli­mate change’s im­pacts in­creas­ingly dom­i­nate the news, geo­engi­neering may once again be get­ting a closer look.  [Continue reading]

Elvis Presley Record Price Guide (book)

THE SERIES OF ARTICLES about the books I have pub­lished have a loose chronology and nar­ra­tive that makes the most sense if read in this order:

1.  Rock & Roll Record Al­bums Price Guide (1985)
2.  Elvis Presley Record Price Guide (1985)
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