a collision of two giant monsters (tropical cyclones and mesoscale eddies)

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INCREASINGLY POWERFUL TROPICAL CYCLONES in the North Pa­cific Ocean may be fu­eling a pow­erful north-flowing ocean cur­rent, helping to boost the amount of heat it fer­ries to northern lat­i­tudes. By en­hancing the speed of some ocean whirlpools called ed­dies, and sup­pressing the spin of others, the passing storms may be ac­cel­er­ating the heat-carrying Kuroshio Cur­rent and that could warm the planet fur­ther.  READ MORE

everyone knows it’s windy

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“CLIMATE CHANGE FOR THE BETTER” is not a slogan we hear often, if at all. Any silver lining that can be found in the dark cloud of global cli­mate change seems to be ex­ceed­ingly rare. But not non-existent, as wit­ness this head­line: “Off­shore Wind Is on the Brink of Be­coming So Cheap, the UK Will Pay People to Use It” by Dharna Noor for the Giz­modo web­site (“We come from the fu­ture”). READ MORE

the wicked witch of the east has returned to oz

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AUSTRALIA TODAY IS GROUND ZERO for the cli­mate cat­a­strophe. Its glo­rious Great Bar­rier Reef is dying, its world-heritage rain forests are burning, its giant kelp forests have largely van­ished, nu­merous towns have run out of water or are about to, and now the vast con­ti­nent is burning on a scale never be­fore seen. The im­ages of the fires are a cross be­tween Mad Max and On The Beach: thou­sands driven onto beaches in a dull or­ange haze, crowded tableaux of people and an­i­mals al­most me­dieval in their strange muteness—half-Bruegel, half-Bosch, ringed by fire, sur­vivors’ faces hidden be­hind masks and swim­ming gog­gles.” READ MORE

alaskan permafrost under assault from warming climate

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THE TERM “PERMAFROST” refers to ground that re­mains frozen for at least two straight years. Per­mafrost is most common in re­gions with high moun­tains and in higher lat­i­tudes; it covers large re­gions of the Earth. Al­though the ground is frozen, per­mafrost re­gions are not al­ways cov­ered in snow. Per­mafrost is made of a com­bi­na­tion of soil, rocks, and sand that are held to­gether by ice. READ MORE

climate change predictions for three major american cities

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EARLY OMENS OF OUR UNSTABLE FUTURE can be dif­fi­cult to wrap our heads around. So Teen Vogue part­nered with the team at the non­profit news ser­vice Nexus Media, who de­vel­oped a time­line pre­dicting how cli­mate change could af­fect three major U.S. cities over the course of the 21st cen­tury. This led to the ar­ticle “What Cli­mate Change Will Do to Three Major Amer­ican Cities by 2100.” READ MORE

is global climate change creating more hurricanes?

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HURRICANE SEASON IS ALMOST HERE! Do­rian has come and gone, for­tu­nately leaving Al­abama mostly un­scarred. Others will follow. I live in the rel­a­tively (for­merly?) mod­erate clime of the Pa­cific North­west. Ou cli­mate has also changed: We now have mas­sive thunder and light­ning storms—which used to be a rel­a­tively novel experience—and we are in the fifth year of drought that doesn’t get much at­ten­tion be­cause it’s mild com­pared to, say, Cal­i­fornia. READ MORE