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some rightwing lunatics really hate this teenager

CLIMATE ACTIVIST GRETA THUNBERG is back in the news but not in a manner that she is enjoying. According to the article “Trolls Force Artist to Cancel a Planned Greta Thunberg Mural in North Dakota” by Yessenia Funes for Gizmodo (February 13, 2020), local artist/photographer Shane Balkowitsch took portraits of Thunberg in October 2019 when she was visiting members of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. [Continue reading]

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inconceivable! red states accept climate change mitigation money

TRUMP PREPARING FOR CLIMATE CHANGE! Actually, the headline for the article by Zoya Teirstein for Grist (January 27, 2020) reads, “The Trump Administration is helping nine states prepare for climate change.” Either way, I know that many of you are thinking that word that Vizinni kept using in all the wrong places, “Inconceivable!” [Continue reading]

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did you know that donald trump was an environmental hero?

DONALD TRUMP, ENVIRONMENTAL HERO. To most of the people in the world concerned with the state of that world, those four words are more than a simple bit of irony: President Trump may be the quintessence of the climate change denial “movement”—ignorant (or duplicitous) and arrogant. Yet when perusing the latest email newsletter from Gizmodo, I was greeted by this headline and teaser: “Trump Has a Book Written By a Trump Advisor About How Trump Loves the Environment Actually.” [Continue reading]

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chamber of commerce changes approach to climate change

AS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL lobbying groups in the country, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has long been a central player in the network of organizations seeding denial about climate change. Its work includes spending millions of dollars influencing elections and lobbying in support of new oil and gas development, rollbacks of U.S. [Continue reading]