did you know that donald trump was an environmental hero?

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DONALD TRUMP, ENVIRONMENTAL HERO. To most of the people in the world con­cerned with the state of that world, those four words are more than a simple bit of irony: Pres­i­dent Trump may be the quin­tes­sence of the cli­mate change de­nial “movement”—ignorant (or du­plic­i­tous) and ar­ro­gant. Yet when pe­rusing the latest email newsletter from Giz­modo, I was greeted by this head­line and teaser: “Trump Has a Book Written By a Trump Ad­visor About How Trump Loves the En­vi­ron­ment Actually.”

My first thought was that it was a joke but I thought I should check it out. The ar­ticle opens with this paragraph:

“Known book­worm Donald Trump would like you to know he has a book. That book is about Donald Trump, known en­vi­ron­mental cham­pion. It’s written and self-published by known Trump lover and ad­visor Ed­ward Russo. And that, my friends, is the circle of life.”

The book is Donald J. Trump: An En­vi­ron­mental Hero. The book was self-published by Ed­ward Russo, an ad­visor to the pres­i­dent on the en­vi­ron­ment. Ed­ward R. Russo is a Key West res­i­dent and member of the Monroe County Cli­mate Change Ad­vi­sory Com­mittee. I could find very little about him ex­cept generalities.

Sup­pos­edly, he worked as an en­vi­ron­mental con­sul­tant to Donald J. Trump and the Trump Or­ga­ni­za­tion since 2002, re­spon­sible for sig­nif­i­cant en­vi­ron­mental im­prove­ments throughout the Trump Organization’s global properties. *


DonaldTrump EnvironmentalHero book 300x

Donald Trump – An En­vi­ron­mental Hero was pub­lished in 2106 using Ama­zon’s Cre­ate­Space In­de­pen­dent Pub­lishing Plat­form. It is one hun­dred pages in length.

A strange, mendacious little book

The link to the book’s title above takes you to an ad for the book on Amazon. The chart that ac­com­pa­nies each Amazon ad­ver­tise­ment states that more than 80 per­cent of the cus­tomer re­views of the book awarded it ei­ther 4- or 5-stars. You would never know that by the first eight re­views are 1-star re­views and rather negative.

The first com­ment (as of Jan­uary 10, 2020) lists four­teen things Trump has done or is doing that ad­versely af­fects the en­vi­ron­ment, in­cluding al­lowing coal mining to dump waste in streams again, gut­ting US com­mit­ment to the Cli­mate Change Agree­ment, and ad­vancing a bill to elim­i­nate the EPA.

Other com­ments on the first page in­clude these four ob­ser­va­tions from four commenters:

•  What a strange, men­da­cious little book. Hard to be­lieve it wasn’t in­tended as satire.

•  This book con­tains one of the smelliest loads of horse poop money can buy.

•  This book is ob­vious pro­pa­ganda and mis­in­for­ma­tion, written by a Trump cam­paign staffer claiming to be an environmentalist.

•  This book is a hoax per­pe­trated by the Chinese.

One com­menter even ques­tions the au­then­ticity of all of the pos­i­tive 4- and 5-star re­views, im­plying they may be, ahem, fake reviews!

To read this ar­ticle in its en­tirety, click HERE.


DonaldTrump caricature DonkeyHotey 1000 1

FEATURED IMAGE: The bril­liant car­i­ca­ture at the top of this page is by Donkey Hotey, who states that it was adapted from a photo in the public do­main from U.S. De­part­ment of State’s Flickr pho­to­stream.



*   Cu­ri­ouser and cu­ri­ouser: Two weeks ago, the linked words in the second para­graph about Ed­ward Russo above (“en­vi­ron­mental con­sul­tant”) led to a ref­er­ence to Russo. Now it leads to a 404 error page.

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