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holy cow! it ain’t the farts (which are funny), but the burps (which aren’t )

THIS ARTICLE IS TITLED “One Scientist’s Ambitious Plan to Achieve Global Cooling With Cattle” with the sub-title, “Cows could be a climate change solution—if we take the science seriously.” Written by Farmer Georgie, it appears on the One Zero publication on Medium (August 17, 2020). Here are the first few paragraphs:

“Farts are funny. [Continue reading]

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lonesome george, the pinta island tortoise, has the “perfect” extinction story

THE LAST OF THE PINTA ISLAND TORTOISES died in 2012. Known as Lonesome George, his story is “the perfect extinction story. It features a charismatic character with a recognizable face, an obvious villain, and the tireless efforts of naturalists. The population of the Pinta Island tortoise species was decimated by whalers hunting and eating them during the 19th century Zoologist József Vágvölgyi discovered George in 1971 and brought him into captivity. [Continue reading]

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cooler regions becoming more hospitable for mosquitoes

WHEN MOSQUITO SEASON brought past dengue outbreaks to regions across the Asian tropics, Nepal hardly had to worry. The high-altitude Himalayan country was typically too chilly for the disease-carrying insects to live. But with climate change opening new paths for the viral disease, Nepal is now reeling from an unprecedented outbreak. [Continue reading]