holy cow! it ain’t the farts (which are funny), but the burps (which aren’t )

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THIS AR­TICLE IS TI­TLED “One Scientist’s Am­bi­tious Plan to Achieve Global Cooling With Cattle” with the sub-title, “Cows could be a cli­mate change solution—if we take the sci­ence se­ri­ously.” Written by Farmer Georgie, it ap­pears on the One Zero pub­li­ca­tion on Medium (Au­gust 17, 2020). Here are the first few paragraphs:

“Farts are funny. Burger King thinks yo­deling about cow farts is even fun­nier. In mid-July, the fast food chain re­leased on Twitter an ad cam­paign star­ring boot-stomping kids, led by Mason Ramsey of Wal­mart Yo­deling Kid fame, singing about cow farts con­tributing to global warming and claiming that lemon­grass can re­duce methane in those farts by a third.

If that doesn’t pique your eco­log­ical in­ter­ests, then I surely don’t know what will!

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To see the Burger King video, click HERE.


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