climate activists took the irish government to court and won!

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IRE­LAND GETS A WAKE-UP CALL! Ac­cording to the ar­ticle “This Land­mark Cli­mate Case in Ire­land Might Be ‘Huge’ for the Rest of Eu­rope Too” by James Hutchings-Holes for Global Cit­izen (Au­gust 4, 2020), “Cli­mate ac­tivists took on the gov­ern­ment and won!” It begins:

“On July 31, the Irish Supreme Court ruled that Ireland’s cli­mate plans just weren’t good enough as judged by the country’s very own stan­dards. It ex­am­ined the Irish government’s 2017 Na­tional Mit­i­ga­tion Plan—basically its roadmap to re­ducing green­house gases—and found that its tar­gets were not spe­cific enough. It’s a case that may very well have huge ram­i­fi­ca­tions be­yond Ire­land too, ac­cording to the group that brought the case.

The Supreme Court de­clared that the 2017 Na­tional Mit­i­ga­tion Plan ‘fell well short of the speci­ficity re­quired’ from the pre­vious laws and that they must be up­held. It over­turned a pre­vious High Court ruling in Sep­tember 2019 at the highest pos­sible ju­di­cial level.

The Irish gov­ern­ment must now pub­lish its ob­jec­tives to de­tail how it will achieve its goal to hit net zero emis­sions by 2050, a target that means that the country will even­tu­ally con­tribute nothing to global warming as it emits less carbon than it takes out.”

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Cli­mate ac­tivists in Ire­land took the gov­ern­ment to court re­garding the 2017 Na­tional Mit­i­ga­tion Plan and won! Share on X

Photo of climate activists protesting against Irish government

FEA­TURED IMAGE: I found the image at the top of this page adorning the ar­ticle “Cli­mate Case Ire­land: ‘Riding on crest of global wave of cli­mate lit­i­ga­tion’” on the Green News web­site (Jan­uary 22, 2019). The photo is of the Children’s Rally for Cli­mate Ac­tion and was taken by Kayle Crosson.

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