climate activists took the irish government to court and won!

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IRELAND GETS A WAKE-UP CALL! According to the article “This Landmark Climate Case in Ireland Might Be ‘Huge’ for the Rest of Europe Too” by James Hutchings-Holes for Global Citizen (August 4, 2020), “Climate activists took on the government and won!” It begins:

“On July 31, the Irish Supreme Court ruled that Ireland’s climate plans just weren’t good enough as judged by the country’s very own standards. It examined the Irish government’s 2017 National Mitigation Plan—basically its roadmap to reducing greenhouse gases—and found that its targets were not specific enough. It’s a case that may very well have huge ramifications beyond Ireland too, according to the group that brought the case.

The Supreme Court declared that the 2017 National Mitigation Plan ‘fell well short of the specificity required’ from the previous laws and that they must be upheld. It overturned a previous High Court ruling in September 2019 at the highest possible judicial level.

The Irish government must now publish its objectives to detail how it will achieve its goal to hit net zero emissions by 2050, a target that means that the country will eventually contribute nothing to global warming as it emits less carbon than it takes out.”

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Photo of climate activists protesting against Irish government

FEATURED IMAGE: I found the image at the top of this page adorning the article “Climate Case Ireland: ‘Riding on crest of global wave of climate litigation’” on the Green News website (January 22, 2019). The photo is of the Children’s Rally for Climate Action and was taken by Kayle Crosson.

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