BlackstoneGlacier Alaska 1500 crop

alaska’s melting glaciers could lead to major disturbances in climate

ShellOil AOC oilfield 1500 crop

shell oil versus octavia-cortez and thunberg

GLOBAL CONGLOMERATE SHELL OIL (aka Shell Global and Royal Dutch Shell PLC), one of the gi­ants in the fossil-fuel in­dustry, had what was in­tended as a pub­licity move turned on them from var­ious sources. This in­cluded tweets from two promi­nent names in the green en­ergy movement.

An ar­ticle ti­tled “Shell’s cli­mate poll on Twitter back­fires spec­tac­u­larly” on The Guardian web­site opened with these lines:

“A cli­mate poll on Twitter posted by Shell has back­fired spec­tac­u­larly, with the oil com­pany ac­cused of gaslighting the public. [Continue reading]

Ocean Thermometry waves 1500

using sound waves from underwater earthquakes to monitor warming oceans

OUR OCEANS REMAIN MYSTERIOUS AND ALIEN but we are learning more about it every day—sometimes, out of ne­ces­sity. Such as the need to un­der­stand changes in the tem­per­a­tures of the wa­ters as a po­ten­tial re­flec­tion of global cli­mate change. In an ar­ticle ti­tled “Un­der­water earth­quakes’ sound waves re­veal changes in ocean warming.” [Continue reading]

Guardian ForestFire 1500 crop

today’s extreme weather will seem sedate in the future

THE GUARDIAN IS NOT A SUPERHERO. At least not this Guardian. Nor is it a movie about a se­date blind priest sit­ting at his open window, pro­tecting our world from the gates of Hell. This Guardian is a British daily news­paper, founded in 1821 as The Man­chester Guardian. Today, the pa­per’s read­er­ship is gen­er­ally on the main­stream left of British po­lit­ical opinion. [Continue reading]