more research on seeding oceans and space mirrors is needed

GCC GeoEngineering mirror 1500

GEOENGINEERING IDEAS have been around for decades. Few such ideas have pro­gressed past the thought ex­per­i­ment stage, due in part to con­cerns that the cure could be worse than the dis­ease. But as dire warn­ings about cli­mate change’s im­pacts in­creas­ingly dom­i­nate the news, geo­engi­neering may once again be get­ting a closer look. 

De­mo­c­ratic pres­i­den­tial can­di­date An­drew Yang pro­poses funding large-scale gov­ern­ment re­search into mas­sive cli­mate in­ter­ven­tion projects such as giant solar radiation-reflecting space mir­rors or seeding the ocean with iron to pro­mote blooms of carbon-sequestering algae. READ MORE

a banana farm whose main business is producing biodiversity

GCC BananaFarm 1500

RIO SIXAOLA IS A BANANA FARM in Costa Rica one of the first two Rain­forest Al­liance Cer­ti­fied farms in the world. It con­tains the only in­tact man­grove swamp on the At­lantic coast, and La Amistad In­ter­na­tional Park, a World Her­itage site that pro­tects the largest area of undis­turbed high­land wa­ter­sheds and forests in southern Cen­tral America. It is an in­ter­na­tion­ally renowned model of sus­tain­ability. READ MORE

climate change and the influence of the nuclear industry

GCC CalmBeforeTheStorm 1500

AS SEA LEVELS RISE, a flawed un­der­standing of cli­mate sci­ence and the out­size in­flu­ence that the U.S. nu­clear in­dustry ex­erts on the NRC have con­verged, in­creasing the risk of dis­as­trous flood-induced ac­ci­dents at coastal nu­clear power plants around the United States.
 Turkey Point Nu­clear Gen­er­ating Sta­tion lies 25 miles south of down­town Miami. It houses two of America’s oldest op­er­ating com­mer­cial nu­clear re­ac­tors. READ MORE

cooler regions becoming more hospitable for mosquitoes

GCC Nepal 1500

WHEN MOSQUITO SEASON brought past dengue out­breaks to re­gions across the Asian tropics, Nepal hardly had to worry. The high-altitude Hi­malayan country was typ­i­cally too chilly for the disease-carrying in­sects to live. But with cli­mate change opening new paths for the viral dis­ease, Nepal is now reeling from an un­prece­dented out­break. At least 9,000 people have been di­ag­nosed with dengue since Au­gust. READ MORE

can’t you simply enjoy the fall colors? (editorial cartoons)

NewYorker cartoon LayOffTheClimateChange 1500 crop

RATHER THAN STICK ALL THE CARTOONS in this one ar­ticle, I moved all but the fea­tured car­toon by Pat Byrnes (for The New Yorker on Sep­tember 30, 2019) to other posts on this blog! Yeah, I know: It’s a sneaky way for me to get those of you hooked on cli­mate change car­toons to pe­ruse the other ar­ti­cles.

So, go pe­ruse …

NewYorker cartoon LayOffTheClimateChange

“Can’t you lay off the cli­mate change for one minute and simply enjoy the fall colors?” READ MORE

where there was once ice, there is now rock

GCC MountBlanc glacier 1500 crop

YOU BROKE OUR GLACIER! That’s a damn clever teaser to get someone surfing the in­ternet to stop a mo­ment and check out the web­site. The ar­ti­cle’s full title is “You broke our glacier: the Mont Blanc re­sort on the cli­mate front­line” by An­gela Giuf­frida for The Guardian (Sep­tember 28, 2019). The sub­title is “Re­ports that a mass of ice is in danger of breaking away have spurred res­i­dents of nearby Cour­mayeur to de­mand ac­tion.” READ MORE

by 2100, earth passed the safe threshold of warming mark

Iceberg BloodDimmed 1500

A LIKELY DOOMSDAY SCENARIO is pre­sented by Emily Atkin in the ar­ticle “The Blood-Dimmed Tide” for the New Re­public (Sep­tember 16, 2019). “It’s the year 2100. Many of the world’s major powers have spent the last sev­eral decades fo­cusing on them­selves. Bor­ders have closed. In­ter­na­tional in­vest­ments in ed­u­ca­tion and tech­nology have de­clined. The di­vide be­tween the de­vel­oped and un­de­vel­oped world has widened.

the anti-trump and the weight of the world

GretaThunberg NewYorker AntiTrump 1400 copy

THE NEW YORKER fo­cused on Greta Thun­berg today, pub­lishing an ar­ticle and a fea­tured car­toon. The ar­ticle is ti­tled “Greta Thun­berg Is the Anti-Trump” and was written by Masha Gessen: “She is young and he is old. She is honest and he is a ha­bitual liar. She re­lies on sci­ence and he re­lies on nothing but his gut. READ MORE

the “shut down dc” protest effectively shut down dc for hours

ClimateProtests DC 3000

CLIMATE ACTIVISTS BLOCK TRAFFIC in down­town Wash­ington, DC, with dozens of ar­rests in re­sponse. “Dozens of cli­mate ac­tivists were ar­rested after they blocked major in­ter­sec­tions in Wash­ington, DC, early Monday morning in a show of protest ahead of this week’s United Na­tion’s cli­mate summit in New York City.

“The protest, called Shut Down DC, is loosely as­so­ci­ated with the Metro D.C. READ MORE