greta thunberg and the school strike for the climate

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CLIMATE ACTIVIST GRETA THUNBERG re­cently joined Naomi Klein for a con­ver­sa­tion on the cli­mate emer­gency. Klein is a well-published au­thor, se­nior cor­re­spon­dent at The In­ter­cept, and the in­au­gural Gloria Steinem en­dowed chair of media, cul­ture, and fem­i­nist studies at Rut­gers Uni­ver­sity. [Continue reading]

is global climate change creating more hurricanes?

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HURRICANE SEASON IS ALMOST HERE! Do­rian has come and gone, for­tu­nately leaving Al­abama mostly un­scarred. Others will follow. I live in the rel­a­tively (for­merly?) mod­erate clime of the Pa­cific North­west. Ou cli­mate has also changed: We now have mas­sive thunder and light­ning storms—which used to be a rel­a­tively novel experience—and we are in the fifth year of drought that doesn’t get much at­ten­tion be­cause it’s mild com­pared to, say, California. [Continue reading]

is India becoming the land of bachelors?

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DROUGHT IN INDIA is changing the way mar­riages are arranged: Men seeking wives are paying large fees to traf­fickers while wives seeking hus­bands are being made promises and get­ting duped into mar­riages. Ac­cording to the ar­ticle “No Water, No Wife: How Cli­mate Change is Linked to Traf­ficking” (Freedom United, Au­gust 5, 2019), wells and other sources of water have dried up, forcing people to walk miles for water in India. [Continue reading]

a driver of global sea level rise

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FROM THE ARTICLE “A New Map is the Best View Yet of How Fast Antarc­tica is Shed­ding Ice” by Maria Tem­ming for Sci­ence News (Au­gust 5, 2019): “A new map based on satel­lite radar data re­veals the ve­locity of ice flow across Antarc­tica from areas of high el­e­va­tion to the coasts. [Continue reading]