by 2100, earth passed the safe threshold of warming mark

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A LIKELY DOOMSDAY SCE­NARIO is pre­sented by Emily Atkin in the ar­ticle “The Blood-Dimmed Tide” for the New Re­public (Sep­tember 16, 2019). “It’s the year 2100. Many of the world’s major powers have spent the last sev­eral decades fo­cusing on them­selves. Bor­ders have closed. In­ter­na­tional in­vest­ments in ed­u­ca­tion and tech­nology have de­clined. The di­vide be­tween the de­vel­oped and un­de­vel­oped world has widened. 

America’s con­tinued ab­di­ca­tion of any se­rious lead­er­ship role in the cli­mate crisis touched off a se­ries of other high-profile de­fec­tions from re­gional and in­ter­na­tional cli­mate ac­cords that were al­ready in­suf­fi­cient in their target goals.

The global com­mu­nity sailed past the 1.5 de­gree Cel­sius ‘safe threshold of warming mark’ around 2038, and sum­mers of Sa­haran in­ten­sity be­came an an­nual norm in Europe—often in North America, too.

These ex­treme bouts of heat claimed an­nual death tolls of thou­sands in many coun­tries, while wild­fires courted the specter of mass famine by burning up bil­lions of dol­lars’ worth of cropland.

The ocean rose about 1.5 feet, ex­posing an ad­di­tional 69 mil­lion people every year to reg­ular ex­treme flooding. Res­i­dents of the tiny Pa­cific is­land na­tion of Kiri­bati, which sits an av­erage of a little less than six feet above the pre-crisis sea level, began to flee to Aus­tralia and New Zealand en masse. 

War has also broken out in the now-iceless Arctic be­tween the United States and Russia over ac­cess to the region’s rich stores of ever-shrinking re­sources: fish, gas, oil, and minerals. ”

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Writer Emily Atkin presents a doomsday sce­nario where sum­mers of Sa­haran in­ten­sity be­came an an­nual norm in Eu­rope in ‘The Blood-Dimmed Tide’ for The New Re­public. Click To Tweet

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