the “shut down dc” protest effectively shut down dc for hours

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CLIMATE ACTIVISTS BLOCK TRAFFIC in downtown Washington, DC, with dozens of arrests in response. “Dozens of climate activists were arrested after they blocked major intersections in Washington, DC, early Monday morning in a show of protest ahead of this week’s United Nation’s climate summit in New York City.

“The protest, called Shut Down DC, is loosely associated with the Metro D.C. chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America and Black Lives Matter DC. According to Reuters, nearly 1,150 people had signed up for the protests on a dedicated web site by Sunday night.

“Protesters blocked several major thoroughfares in the nation’s capital and some chained themselves to a sailboat at the intersection of 16th and K Streets. Protests remained peaceful even though the pink and yellow sailboat brought a busy intersection to a standstill for at least three hours.

Dozens of DC metropolitan police officers swarmed the sailboat as a way to shield the crowd from flying sparks created by the electric saws used to untether the activists chained to the boat. 

The police didn’t arrest the four protesters chained to the sailboat, but at least 26 people were arrested as a result of blocked traffic.”

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The SHUT DOWN DC protests remained peaceful even though a pink and yellow sailboat brought a busy intersection to a standstill for at least three hours. Click To Tweet

NewYorker cartoon LayOffTheClimateChange

“Can’t you lay off the climate change for one minute and simply enjoy the fall colors?” (Cartoon by Pat Byrnes for The New Yorker.)



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