the “shut down dc” protest effectively shut down dc for hours

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CLIMATE ACTIVISTS BLOCK TRAFFIC in down­town Wash­ington, DC, with dozens of ar­rests in re­sponse. “Dozens of cli­mate ac­tivists were ar­rested after they blocked major in­ter­sec­tions in Wash­ington, DC, early Monday morning in a show of protest ahead of this week’s United Na­tion’s cli­mate summit in New York City.

“The protest, called Shut Down DC, is loosely as­so­ci­ated with the Metro D.C. chapter of the De­mo­c­ratic So­cial­ists of America and Black Lives Matter DC. Ac­cording to Reuters, nearly 1,150 people had signed up for the protests on a ded­i­cated web site by Sunday night.

“Pro­testers blocked sev­eral major thor­ough­fares in the na­tion’s cap­ital and some chained them­selves to a sail­boat at the in­ter­sec­tion of 16th and K Streets. Protests re­mained peaceful even though the pink and yellow sail­boat brought a busy in­ter­sec­tion to a stand­still for at least three hours.

Dozens of DC met­ro­pol­itan po­lice of­fi­cers swarmed the sail­boat as a way to shield the crowd from flying sparks cre­ated by the elec­tric saws used to un­tether the ac­tivists chained to the boat. 

The po­lice didn’t ar­rest the four pro­testers chained to the sail­boat, but at least 26 people were ar­rested as a re­sult of blocked traffic.”

To read the com­plete ar­ticle, click HERE.

The SHUT DOWN DC protests re­mained peaceful even though a pink and yellow sail­boat brought a busy in­ter­sec­tion to a stand­still for at least three hours. Click To Tweet

NewYorker cartoon LayOffTheClimateChange

“Can’t you lay off the cli­mate change for one minute and simply enjoy the fall colors?” (Car­toon by Pat Byrnes for The New Yorker.)



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