even AOC can’t blame this one on the cow farts

Cows close up 1500 crop2

WHAT DOES ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ have to do with cow farts or methane? Well, I wanted a hu­morous title to catch the read­er’s attention—especially given the se­ri­ous­ness of the—and the word “farts” catches a lot of folk’s at­ten­tion. As for AOC, you will have to wait until the post­script below to find out how she is as­so­ci­ated with bovine flat­u­lence. READ MORE

a driver of global sea level rise

Iceberg Antarctica sheeding ice 1500

FROM THE ARTICLE “A New Map is the Best View Yet of How Fast Antarc­tica is Shed­ding Ice” by Maria Tem­ming for Sci­ence News (Au­gust 5, 2019): “A new map based on satel­lite radar data re­veals the ve­locity of ice flow across Antarc­tica from areas of high el­e­va­tion to the coasts. READ MORE