holy hannah! is greta thunberg a time-traveler from the future?

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THE TITLE OF THE AR­TICLE is “Is Greta Thun­berg a Time Trav­eler Here to Save Us From Cli­mate Emer­gency? 120-Year-Old Photo Sparks Flood of Con­spiracy The­o­ries” by the Common Dreams staff (November 21, 2019). Well, there seems to be a con­spiracy theory for just about every­thing, so why not Miss Thun­berg as a vis­itor from the fu­ture! Here are the first para­graphs from the article:

“Is 16-year-old Swedish ac­tivist Greta Thun­berg a time trav­eler here to save us from the global cli­mate emer­gency? A photo taken during the 1898 Klondike Gold Rush in Yukon, Canada fea­tures a child that so closely re­sem­bles the world-renowned cli­mate cam­paigner that some Twitter users ini­tially dis­missed it as a fake.

But the 120-year-old photo was sourced to the Uni­ver­sity of Wash­ing­ton’s Spe­cial Col­lec­tions archive, leading many to jok­ingly con­clude that Thun­berg is a time trav­eler who ar­rived in 2019 to warn the world about the plan­e­tary cli­mate crisis.”

To read the brief ar­ticle and see the photo, click HERE.

Holy Hannah!! Could Greta Thun­berg be a time-traveler from the fu­ture who is here to save us from the global cli­mate emer­gency? Click To Tweet

TimeMachine 1960 George 3 1500 crop

FEA­TURED IMAGE: The photo at the top of this page is actor Rod Taylor as George in the George Pal pro­duc­tion of H.G. Wells’ The Time Ma­chine. The 1960 movie—one of the very best sci­ence fic­tion movies of pre-2001: A Space Odyssey Hollywood—also fea­tured Alan Young, Se­bas­tian Cabot, Whit Bis­sell, and Yvette “Why Wasn’t I the Next Sex Kitten?” Mimieux.



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